31 Δεκ 2009


"Something,someone,some spirit was pursuing all of us across the desert of life
and was bound to catch us before we reached heaven.Naturally,now that i look back on it,this is only death:death will overtake us before heaven."
jack kerouac
on the road

μας λείπεις πολύ motorik VELorama

19 Νοε 2009

stood aside

what shall i say
where should i see
shall i turn away from me

i feel like i am melting
diving into the sea
flying away
like a handicapped bee

wandering endlessly
wanting a drink
feel i could be
the straw from a gin

i wanted to be
the hand in need
but now i feel like
a bass
without one string

17 Νοε 2009

16 Νοε 2009

the art of being invisible

"so many feelings
end up in here
left so alone i'm with
oh,an atmosphere
i'm sick and i'm tired of reasoning
just want to break out
shake off this skin"

6 Νοε 2009

the witch-part 2

η αόρατη απειλή

καθώς συναντούσα σιωπηλά
το σκοτάδι
εμποδίζοντας τις λέξεις να ανασυρθούν
και την αλήθεια να αλλάξει χρώμα,
η αποστασιοποίηση με
τύλιξε με το μαύρο της πέπλο

28 Οκτ 2009

30 Σεπ 2009

παγερή σιωπή

έχει παγωσει ο χρόνος
βαδίζουμε προς τα πίσω

πίσω στο χρόνο


μας κοίτα χαμογελαστή
και παγωμένη
εκεί πίσω στη καθημερινότητά μας

28 Σεπ 2009


The liberty of man consists solely in this, that he obeys the laws of nature because he has himself recognized them as such, and not because they have been imposed upon him externally by any foreign will whatsoever, human or divine, collective or individual.

11 Σεπ 2009

nostalgic silence

"η απόσταση εισχωρεί σαν χρώμα μέσα σ'αυτόν που εξαφανίζεται και τον διαποτίζει με μία απαλή λάβρα"

29 Ιουλ 2009

6 Ιουλ 2009

must see

BE WITH ME(2005)
Eric Khoo

2 Ιουλ 2009

Wuppertal obituary

The city of Wuppertal is considered to be remembered for two people.One is Friedrich Engels and the other one is Pina Bausch.Apart from anything else they both have created "a strong and engaged sympathy for the misery of the underprivileged classes of bourgeois society".
Bausch was born on July 27,1940(five years before word-war II comes to an end).She grew up in Solingen,a city that tried to heal the wounds of a catastrophic war,within a family that struggled to make a living.She studied at the Essen Folkwang School where Kurt Yooss became the catalytic factor of her perception of dance(dance with a message).She was trained in a mixed technique of ballet and modern dance and she quickly stood out from the rest of the class."Her stark,eartbound personality,the stare of her eyes which always seemed to look under the surface of things to reveal the innermost sorrow and pity and the massive weight of each of her movements made it impossible to overlook her".She moved to New York with a scholarship where she studied with Antony Tudor,Jose Limon,Paul Taylor and many othes.In 1973,she took over the artistic direction of the then-called Wuppertal Opera Ballet and she tried to create her own codes in order to express her conception of the world around her.The subject matter of her work identified by Norbert Servos is the following:"Her pieces deal with love and fear,longing and loneliness,frustration and terror.Man's exploitation of man(and in particular,man's expoitation of women) in world made to conform to the former's ideas),about remembering and forgetting.They are aware of the difficulties of human coexistence and seek ways to reduce the distance between two or more individuals".But could her work be considered political?The Bausch herself denies that,by pointing out that "there are no political references or comments in my work".Pina studied in depth and in details the 'characters' of her pieces influenced by the psychological portraits of Antony Tudor as well as the analysis and continuous observation of the social web.She supported that her "pieces grow from inside out" while in one of her interviews she confessed that "the steps have always come from somewhere else.They never came from the legs.And working on the movements we always do that in between.And then we're alays making little dance phrases which we keep in mind.In earlier days i may have still started with a movement out of worry or panic,and dodged the question.Nowadays i start with the questions".Bausch used to say repeatedly that she is "not interested in how people move,but in what moves them".Hypocrites,well-disposed,living in fake state of awareness.Pesronalities that are about to fall apart from second to second,insecure and blunderers,capable of saying the wrong things in the wrong time.Her heroes were vulnerable,imperfect,children trapped in adult bodies.Scenes which cause melancholy,sadness,pain and inevitably driving the audience to recall personal memories that often cause uneasiness and bitterness.Not to mention that she has been accused as a "pornographer of pain"....Apart from enemies,Bausch has of course a fanatic audience around the world.Richard Siks considers that her contribution to dance is a process not a product:dancetheatre is in constant state of change..and poorer now that dancetheater's pioneer passed away....
farewell Pina

30 Ιουν 2009

27 Ιουν 2009


25 Ιουν 2009

Habemus Papam,Walter

Man and woman become latest case of `Internet suicide'

Monday, Jul 04, 2005, Page 3

Two Taiwanese who met on the Internet have committed suicide together in the latest case of "Internet suicide," a newspaper said yesterday.

Liang Yi-chun, 25, and Chen Chen-kai, 21, were found dead at Liang's apartment Saturday in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, by Liang's boyfriend. The two had died from burning charcoal, the Chinese-language United Daily News said.

"Liang's boyfriend told police that Liang has been suicidal for a long time and recently met a man on the Internet who also wanted to commit suicide," the paper said.

Liang left a suicide note saying she killed herself because "it is painful to be alive."

In her diary, she mentioned that she had met a man who had "the same purpose."

So-called Internet suicides began in Japan and have spread to Taiwan, South Korea and China.

Since January, Taiwan has reported a dozen cases, and Taiwan police have shut down several suicide Web sites.

Taiwan has one of the highest suicide rates in Asia. Last year, 3,468 Taiwanese took their own lives, averaging 10 suicides per day or one suicide every two and a half hours.

This story has been viewed 2351 times.

22 Ιουν 2009

fire walk with me

PARADISE LOST (μέρος πρώτο)

οι ταινίες του Wong Kar Wai

οι πατημασιές πάνω στο χιόνι

οι μυρωδιά του δέρματός αυτού που αγαπώ

να βρίσκεις ένα πεταμένο θησαυρό στα σκουπίδια

η περιπλάνηση με το ποδήλατο σε άγνωστες γωνιές της πόλης

όταν ξυπνάς μέσα στο αεροπλάνο και μπορείς να αγγίξεις τα σύννεφα

να τρως καρπούζι με χέρι που μυρίζει αντιηλιακό στη παραλία

να είσαι εκεί όταν σε χρειάζεται ένας φίλος

τα μακαρόνια με κυμά

οι πρώτες σεξουαλικές συνευρέσεις με αυτόν που ποθείς

η επικοινωνία με τους συναδέλφους πάνω στη σκηνή

τα ξαφνικά φλασμπάκ από τη παιδική ηλικία

το χουρχουριτό του Μίο

ο ιδρώτας που κυλάει στο σώμα μετά τη προπόνηση

όταν έχω πιεί πολύ αλλά όχι αρκετά

ο κόσμος του Murakami

ο 'επιληπτικός' ήχος του μπάσου

όταν από μονάδα αφομιώνεσαι στο πλήθος

το νοτισμένο χώμα

όταν το βαπόρι σχίζει τη θάλασσα,είμαι στη πλώρη

και σταγόνες σαν ντούζ

πέφτουν στο πρόσωπο


heaven is the feeling I get in your arms

13 Ιουν 2009

7 Ιουν 2009

10 Μαΐ 2009

happy together-yesterday afternoon around omonoia square(the gem of our city)

οι απόγονοι των αρχαίων ελλήνων παρέα με τα σκυλιά του κράτους και των αφεντικών...

2 Μαΐ 2009


the use of mobile phones inside the temple(greek orthodox church) interrupts the communication with god.Please turn them off

το θέλω.....

30 Απρ 2009

προς μία πραγματική νιότη

we got to keep the lift,hope and struggle

where is the lift,the hope and the struggle

give me the strength,the lift, hope and struggle

26 Απρ 2009

sunday morning

early dawning,sunday morning

it's just the wasted years so close behind

25 Απρ 2009

i won't rest until i forget about it

είμαστε στριμωγμένοι
δώσε μου ένα ντορίτος
σπιντάρουμε και τους προσπερνάμε
κάνουμε μία στάση-συνεχίζουμε
μας πιάνει το φανάρι
η Πειραιώς άδεια
συνεχίζουμε να ανεβαίνουμε
οι ήχοι τους μας ακολουθούν
πώς προφέρονται αυτοί
ζίου ζίου
τους είχα δεί λάιβ πριν κάποια χρόνια

19 Απρ 2009

16 Απρ 2009

dust of other days

d ropped
d own
t o
d usty
m orning

12 Απρ 2009

sunday afternoon

η αβεβαιότητα
μας σκεπάζει με
το θολό της πέπλο

ήρθα για να μείνω
μου φώναξε

μέχρι να γυρίσω
είχε πηδήξει στο

3 Απρ 2009


ο ήλιος καίει την άσφαλτο ξανά,
ψάχνω να βρώ το κομμάτι που

1 Απρ 2009

23 Μαρ 2009

20 Μαρ 2009


i believe in my own obsessions,in the beauty of a car crash,in the peace of the submerged forest,in the excitements of the deserted holiday beach,in the elegance of automobile graveyards,in the mystery of multi-storey car parks,in the poetry of abandoned hotels.
i believe in the forgotten runways of Wake Island,pointing towards the Pacifics of our imaginations.
i believe in madness,in the truth of the inexplicable,in the common sence of stones,in the lunacy of flowers,in the disease stored up for the human race by Apollo astronauts.

i believe in nothing
i believe in flight,in the beauty of the wing,in the beauty of everything tha has ever flown,in the stone thrown by a small child that carries with it the wisdom of statesmen and midwives.
i believe in the gentleness of the surgeon's knife,in the limitless geometry of the cinema screen,in the hidden universe within supermarkets,in the loneliness of the sun,in the garrulousness of planets,in the repetitiveness of ourselves,in the inexistence of the universe and the boredom of the atom.
i believe in the non existence of the past,in the death of the future,and the infinite possibilities of the present.
i believe in the derangement of the sences:in Rimbaud.William Burroughs.Huysmans,Genet,Celine,Swift,Defoe,Carroll,Coleridge,Kafka.

i believe in the history of my feet.
i believe in anxiety,psychosis and despair.
i believe in the death of emotions and the triumph of imagination.
i believe in Tokio,Benidorm,La Grand Motte,Wake Island,Eniwetok,Dealey Plaza.
i believe in alcoholism,venereal disease,fever and exhaustion.I believe in pain.I believe in despair.I believe in all children.
i believe all excuses
i believe all reasons
i belive all hallucinations
i believe all anger
i believe all mythologies,memories,lies,fantasies,evasions.
i believe in the mystery and the melancholy of a hand,in the kindness of trees,in the wisdom of light.


14 Μαρ 2009

Titanic_part 2

in this white wave i am singing in the silence
in this white wave in the silence i believe

11 Μαρ 2009


ας είμαστε απλά,μοναχικά και υπερήφανα

4 Μαρ 2009


'δεν υπάρχει κανόνας
υπάρχουν μόνο μέσα
μόνο όπλα...'

1 Μαρ 2009

26 Φεβ 2009

εκκεντρικός λεηλατητής

λοιπόν μή μου αρνείσθε να μου πείτε το αντικείμενο,παρακαλώ,του πυρετού σας,του βλέμματός σας πάνω μου,τον λόγο να μου τον πείτε και αν το ζήτημα είναι να μην πληγώσετε καθόλου την αξιοπρέπειά σας,ε λοιπόν,πείτε τον όπως όταν τον λέμε σ'ένα δέντρο,ή μπροστά στον τοίχο μιας φυλακής,ή μέσα στη μοναξιά ενός κάμπου με βαμβάκι όπου κάνουμε τον περίπατο μας,γυμνοί τη νύχτα.Να μου τον πείτε χωρίς καν να με κοιτάξετε.